Bible Training Center for Pastors Inc.

RITI offers men and women seeking to become equipped for ministry a local alternative for receiving a world-class theological education. We have partnered with Bible Training Center for Pastors Inc. This provides quality, Bible-based ministry training locally at Chariho Southern Baptist Church as well as offering web conferencing alternatives. The center is established under a cooperative agreement between Bible Training Center for Pastors Inc., and Chariho Southern Baptist Church, the local Baptist church, associations, and state/regional conventions.

Enable students to:

  • Demonstrate courageous growth in obedience to and love for Jesus and His ways.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of Scripture and its faithful interpretation and application.
  • Demonstrate a life lived in connection and service within a church and its association, national, and global missional networks.
  • Demonstrate a focused sense of giftedness, passion, and competence in ministry.
  • Demonstrate a passion for local and global fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  • Demonstrate a capacity to relate effectively with people.
  • Demonstrate a relevant vision and plan for a specific context of service.

Bible Training Center for Pastors Inc., offers the following programs:  

This is our new ministry training organization.

We have been approved as a training center, and will continue to offer programs through our “The Rhode Island Theological Institute.” The training consists of ten courses.  Each course requires a book costing $20. The total time it takes to finish the 10 courses is three years.  The courses are as follows:

  • Bible Study methods and rules of interpretation
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Preaching biblical messages and pastoral ministry
  • Communicating biblical messages
  • Bible doctrine survey
  • Personal spiritual life
  • Church Ministry Administration Education
  • Teaching Principles and methods
  • Church History Survey
  • Missions Evangelism Discipleship

If interested, please see Pastor Rafael for complete details.

Contact Information
For more information regarding diploma programs and center, administration can be obtained by contacting us at: Request Information